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Tucker Carlson vs Lauren Duca (Teen Vogue): Is Ivanka Trump Fair Game | Huffpo said that she won this debate---that's not my take at all. Watch.

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Tucker Carlson will take over the prime-time anchor slot once held by Greta van Susteren, starting Nov. 14.

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They chant " Death to America" and we're known as the "Great Satan" WAKE UP PEOPLE!!

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Best of Tucker Carlson ULTIMATE compilation

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Criticizing the state of modern journalism, Tucker Carlson told Accuracy in Media (AIM) that journalists’ obsequious behavior, blatant bias and monolithic worldview have compromised the integrity of the nation’s fourth estate.

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Tucker Carlson vs Spencer Woodman On Restoring Voting Rights For Felon...

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Tucker Carlson is the proud conservative commentator for the Fox News Channel. What a cutie!

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Tucker Carlson & Glenn Greenwald DESTROY Washington Post For Fake News 1/6/17 - YouTube

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Tucker Carlson vs University Of Chicago Student For Protesting Sean Spicer Appearance 1/2/17 - YouTube

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Fox News Host Destroys Race-Baiting Idiot Who Called Donald Trump A “Nazi” On Live TV | Yes I'm Right.

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