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But it's not enough and I need to try harder

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some of this is really not that easy for me to do.... I must try harder :)

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If she really wants you, she'll make an effort. If she doesn't then he's a blind loser who doesn't deserve your time.

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To all of you... I believe in you, I know you are trying hard and working harder. I know you struggle with insecurities and feelings of failure. I know sometimes you just need a hearing ear and not a "fix it" friend. I know you want this hard time to pass but let it teach you what it needs to.. Why? Because I've been through all of these feelings, heck I'm going through them now. It's ok to not know and to have a poop day, it's ok to be human and not be perfect for the world. It's ok to say…

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The Japanese Oxford Bib Shirt

Everlane | The Japanese Oxford Bib Shirt