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Here's an idea....I think all those Vile Trump Supporters need to enroll in "Trump University!" They all need to pay that $30,000 fake tuition to help pay for Trumps lavish lifestyle too!! Bet they'll graduate even more Stupid than they are now!!

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It does make you wonder about morals. They would rather have this jerk be a horrible president just so they don't lose.

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If found guilty of running a Ponzi scheme for Trump University under the RICO Act, Trump would become a felon. Making ineligible to be POTUS. My fingers, eyes, toes and legs are crossed for this to happen before November!

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Trump University Court Date, Trump stands trial for fraud 20 days after the election on 11/28/16.

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Pinner: Don’t let TRUMP AMERICA be the next TRUMP UNIVERSITY Trump University: Yes, It Was a Massive Scam - National Review How Bad Are the Charges Against Trump University? Really bad. - Fortune What Trump said under oath about the Trump University fraud claims — just weeks ago - The Washington Post Donald Trump Admits in Deposition That He Never Vetted His “Hand-Picked” Instructors - Gawker

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Get Outta Here!

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"Trump University" = Fake University

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Prince Charles - he's always proved right in the end, because he studied history at University. Those who do not know the past are condemned to repeat it.

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Trump Gets $25 Million Tax Write-Off For Trump University Settlement

Trump Gets $25 Million Tax Write-Off For Trump University Settlement. This man makes me sick. He knows every trick in the book, doesn't he??

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This. Is. Not. normal. Trump and his conflicts of interest, his refusing to release his tax returns, his being aided by Russia... not of this is normal.

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