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liking yourself is the real prize

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our love is everlasting ~ a true gift from God ~ through all the good times & hard times ~ you're my best friend ~ my happiness ~ my everything ❤️ All my dreams & hopes have come true because of you... My Destiny. I will LOVE you for the rest of my life & I will never love another as I do you.13

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What they believe is what they will become...

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So if you are too tired to speak, sit next to me, because I, too, am fluent in silence.

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“ rest in the mourning “ is a collectors item, it’s my first hardcover and it is now priced at $9 via barnes and noble (link in my bio) the regular price for this book is $14.99. if you are purchasing this as a gift to yourself or someone else for the holidays, it is best to order now to ensure that it ships in time during the week of Dec 6th. There’s a possibility of delays due to the book selling out, so hurry and thank you. it’s been a pleasure writing for all of you

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Daily from Paris

I need to live by this.

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I have this incessant need to make people see what they are doing that is causing grief; when it's affecting me also. So annoying:(

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