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Troye Sivan Boyfriend

more like boyfriend! Troye Sivan just posted his coming out video august 7,2013.... I am super jealous of gay guys now!;) lol always will love you Troye sivan


One thing I consider hard to believe is that gay marriage was only legalized in Canada 2005. That people who loved each could not express their love freely in public without getting into trouble. Even till this day there are some people who are completely against gay marriage because they believe it's wrong. (This picture was chosen because these are lyrics to a song about a young same sex couple, and one of the guys suicides because his father beats him for liking a guy)


this guy right here is one of my idols ♡ i literally love him so much and he can always make me laugh :) he's so adorable ♡


Zoella's friends and boyfriend. Joe Sugg, Troye Sivan, Connor Franta, Tyler Oakley, Caspar Lee, Marcus Butler, Louise, Alfie Deyes (bf)