Technique des trois crayons par Adélaïde Labille-Guiard
Technique des trois crayons par Robert Liberace
Trois portraits originaux très jolie. Tout ça est pleins de bonnes idées !!
Seated Young Woman,  Jean-Antoine Watteau, Black, red and white chalk drawing on buff paper
Greuze a trois crayons. Trois crayons refer to a drawing technique using three colours of chalk: red (sanguine), black and white.
Old master drawings, construction, synthetic form and Glenn Vilppu.
artist Sherry McGraw Possibly David Lefell as the sitter?
After going through drawing class, I have a whole new appreciation for pieces like this. Trois Crayon on Toned paper
Two Studies of the Head and Shoulders of a Little Girl, Antoine Watteau, trois crayon drawing, black, red and white chalk on buff paper
Robert Liberace :: Three Color Chalk
ours_hiver_2.jpg, nov. 2016
trois crayons | ... Adèle, dessin (drawing) aux trois crayons, Rolling in the deep
trois crayons | portrait 1, trois crayons
Peter Paul Rubens