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How Much Does a Trip to Hawaii Cost

Trying to set a budget for your Hawaii trip? This will give you an idea of how much it will cost


For our five year anniversary, my husband and I were asked to join our friends for a trip to Hawaii. They were celebrating their 10 year anniversary. How could we say no to that?! Fortunately, they asked us a year in advance—the first step in making it possible for less than $1700! What were our secrets and ideas for saving money and budget traveling . . . ?


Yes, the time and day can affect your flight cost and it’s a known fact! I’m a backpacker from New Zealand and my partner is from the other side of the world, United Kingdom, so that means I HAVE to search for the absolute cheapest flight otherwise I would be broke for the rest of my life. I wrote this article a year ago but now I have added a few more points and tricks I have learnt that will help you book a really, REALLY cheap flight which is great if you are backpacking around the world!


How Much Does a Trip to Hawaii Cost

My Trip To Kauai, Hawaii And How I Reduced My Expenses Tremendously.

Going on vacation can sometimes get pretty expensive. Have a look at how I reduced my Hawaii vacation expenses by almost 50% by just using something we all have access to every day. A credit card and its perks. Enjoy!