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This is St. James! Traffic jam, people, bacchanal, bars, roti, ice cream venders, doubles, a community with a large % of its population with roots in India. It is believed that, beginning in 1845, indentured labourers from India contracted to work on the plantations in St. James set up residence there, upon completion of their terms of indenture. The East Indians brought many of their customs with them, including the Hindu celebration of Divali and the Muslim, Hosay.

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CATHEDRAL OF THE IMMACULATE CONCEPTION, MARINE SQUARE, PORT OF SPAIN CIRCA 1907 (note the foliage surrounding the building which was planted in the 1890s and has now been removed) In 1784, the capital of Spanish Trinidad officially was transferred from San Jose de Oruna (St. Joseph) to Puerta de los Hispanoles (Port of Spain). Since the population was almost entirely Roman Catholic, a small wooden chapel was erected on a piece of land now known as Columbus Square

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Natural Phenomenon in Mayaro, Trinidad. Happens once every decade! The nearby river Ortoire is populated by bioluminescent plankton and glows once stressed. It spills into the coast of Mayaro and turns the beach's shore into this! Most amazing part is that this has been occurring for over 80years and the locals have kept it a secret in order to protect it! Miracles on earth....Beautiful twin islands of Trinidad&Tobago.

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Michel-Jean Cazabon is regarded as the first great Trinidadian painter and is Trinidad's first internationally known artist. He was born of French parentage in Port-of-Spain, Trinidad on September 20, 1813 on Corynth Estate, North Naparima, on the outskirts of San Fernando. . He was the youngest of 4 children. His parents, owners of a sugar plantation, were "free coloured" immigrants from Martinique, who came to Trinidad following the Cedula of population of 1783.

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#Trinidad and Tobago. 'Working conditions in the West Indies. The third of the population are Indians. Hindu temple near Port of Spain'

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Population and GDP map of the Caribbean - Breaking News Trinidad and Tobago

Are You Looking For cheap flights to London from Trinidad? About Trinidad : Trinidad is the larger and more populous of the two major islands and numerous landforms which make up the island nation of Trinidad and Tobago.

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