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Trier / Porta Nigra Rheinland Pfalz Deutschland. Die Porta Nigra in Tier ist aufgeräumt und sauber. Andere gebäude brauchen erst eine Entrümpelung oder Haushaltsauflösung. Bei Fragen zum Thema Haushaltsauflösung in Trier, einfach haroSaar fragen. #trier #haushaltsauflösung

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In December I was lucky enough to spend a day exploring the old Roman City of Trier. It's a UNESCO World Heritage Site that is home to some truly beautiful buildings, monuments and ruins. ----- A Day in Trier, Germany - Adventure Lies in Front

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Trier - The Oldest City In Germany

I think Trier is my favourite place in Germany. It’s one of those cities that manages somehow to capture the perfect balance between old and new.

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Visiting the Trier Altstadtfest in 2013 & the Roman Baths

The second most important Roman site in Trier is the Imperial Baths. The Romans were geniuses when it came to water and they created a compl...

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Roman Baths, Trier - Germany. One of the best places to visit when you are a sucker for (Roman) history.

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31 Dinge, die Du vermisst, wenn Du lange nicht mehr in Trier warst

Den Römer-Express. Du bist nie damit gefahren, aber Du siehst diese Bimmelbahn jeden Tag. Das ist eben Trier. | 31 Dinge, die Du vermisst, wenn Du aus Trier wegziehst

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Trier Germany has a huge Walk Platz in the middle of town and it is always bustling with people. Wonderful place to visit

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Market Church Gangolf. Ever been to Trier? It's the oldest city in Germany (von archer10...

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The Porta Nigra (or Black Gate) in Trier, Germany | How to Take a Day Trip in Trier

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