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static electricity through a phenomenon known as triboelectricity (or the triboelectric effect)

How static electricity works through the triboelectric effect.


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Taking advantage of the triboelectric effect, Professor Zhong Lin Wang and his team at Georgia Tech are harvesting wasted power with nanogenerators that capture mechanical #energy from sources ranging from walking to ocean waves. The #technology is also used in a new type of self-powered sensor capable of detecting very minute vibrations. [VIDEO] #physics


Energy Harvesting from Rolling Car Tires Uses Triboelectric Effect


How the triboelectric effect or triboelectricity works, the reason for the shock you get touching a doorknob or car door. Includes talking about the triboele...

Researchers are using something called the triboelectric effect to create surprising amounts of electric power by touching two different materials together. This can provide a new way to power mobile devices such as smartphones by capturing the otherwise wasted energy from sources like walking, the wind blowing, vibration, or ocean waves. Beyond generating power, the technology could also provide a new self-powered sensor, allowing detection of vibrations, water leaks – or even rain…