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Do you make New Year's Resolutions? They say New Year's Resolutions often times do not last past January. These lofty visions we set ou...

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coach-kelly-hadiaris Effective swim sessions

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Aaron Calhoun - Track Cat Fitness I’ve started (ok continue to be) obsessing about shoes and want to talk about what I’ve learned as I’ve built my personal stable of run shoes. I now mostly run long and steady in a new pair of beautiful bright red pair of Saucony Ride 7s in Berry and I’m really happy with them. They […]


Freestyle Swimming Technique: Common mistakes adult beginners make

Kicking technique for swimming: Tips for intermediate and beginner swimmers to improve your freestyle swimming technique for a faster more efficient swim. Better swimming form can save energy for the rest of your triathlon race after your open water swim! These swimming tips are from Tri Swim Coach.


7 Open Water Swimming Tips You Didn't Know

Nervous about swimming in the open water? Here are tips from a couple top triathlon coaches to prepare you for the uncertainty of the open water.