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All About Triangle Shapes

*FREE* All About Triangles: Learn all about the shape triangle in this math printable worksheet. Practice tracing, drawing, coloring pictures of triangles, writing the number of sides and corners.

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GEOMETRY MAZES BUNDLE (50 Mazes on 20 Topics)

This includes 50 MAZES on 20 Topics.1) Ponits, Lines, and Planes - 2 mazes2) Naming Angles - 2 mazes3) Angle Paies - 2 Mazes4) Distance Formula - 2 mazes5) Midpoint Formula - 1 maze6) Parallel Line Angles - 3 mazes7) Triangle Sums - 3 mazes8) Transformations 10 mazes9) Triangle Congruence - 5 mazes10) Kites and Trapezoids - 2 mazes11) Midsegments of Triangles - 2 mazes12) Midsegments of Quadrilaterals - 2 mazes13) Parallelgram Angles - 1 maze14) Simplifying Radicals - 2 mazes15) Pythagorean…

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Geometry Activity - Find Geometry in Your Name - Geometry FUN

Geometry Activity - Find Geometry in your Name! Students LOVE to look for the geometry in their own names! Geometry terms include: Parallel Lines, Perpendicular Lines, intersecting Lines, Right Angle, Acute Angle, Obtuse Angle, Right Triangle, Isosceles Triangle, Equilateral Triangle, Scalene Triangle, Congruent Figures, Similar Figures, Symmetry, Vertical Line & Horizontal Line.

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Winter Craft Ideas

One triangle for each letter in a child's name. Winter Craft Ideas. Christmas craft for kids.


Pascal's Triangle; “As far as the laws of mathematics refer to reality, they are not certain, and as far as they are certain, they do not refer to reality.” ―Albert Einstein Read more at ;


Pencil Holster: Made from flower water tubes (from florist) and a plastic tie (hardware store) to fasten it to desks. Label pencils with students' names so they don't lose them; this one is a special triangle pencil that won't roll off desks. Hopefully this solves the "I can't find my pencil" problem.