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How to make a polka dot tree on canvas! Step 1 Print off a silhouette of a tree. (Mine took 4 pages) Step 2 Glue on the printed tree. Step 3 (optional) Paint over the tree in black and white to make an even background color Step 4 Hole punch all of the colors leaves you want. (Use a 3 hole punch). Step 5 Make a 50/50 glue & water solution. Step 6 Spread the glue mixture and apply the leaves. Use an old paint brush to apply leaves Step 7 Apply a coat of matt modge podge to secure…


Birch trees canvas cutout. These turn out great... just make sure you don't cut away too much because if the canvas is too thin they'll rip.

from Etsy

Harry Potter Quote Journal // Happiness Harry Potter Quote Notebook // Painted Notebook Journal // Harry Potter Gift


Original Abstract Acrylic Painting Canvas Roots Tree Owl Silhouette Metallic Pewter Bronze White Gold Owls Branch Leaves Grey Tan Cream

from zulily

Brown Our Family Tree Personalized Canvas

Look what I found on #zulily! Brown Our Family Tree Personalized 16x20 Canvas by Personalized Planet #zulilyfinds