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SootheAway Rear Head Relief Pad - (***SootheAway Device not Included***) a Natural Pain Relief Treatment for Migraine Headaches, Tension, Stress, Heat Stroke, Occipital Neuritis, Neck & Back Pain, and More by SootheAway. $39.99. The Rear Head (Occipital) Relief pad for the SootheAway thermal therapy system is used for natural occipital headache treatment. The system's heating and cooling therapeutic pads are used to treat constant or infrequent rear head pains. The occipita...

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Headache Types

Huh. I apparently get a lot of cluster headaches. Who knew. Headache Types: Types of Headaches - A Visual Description

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Common Causes of Neck Pain

How to effectively deal with the Pain in your Neck: Choose the Best Neck Pillow, Get Better Sleep, Improve your Posture, Do proper Neck Exercises to Prevent Injuries....Everything you can do stop that Pain in the Neck and have a healthier Neck !

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Use Acupressure Points for Migraine Headaches

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How To Get Rid of a Sinus Headache?

How To Get Rid of a Sinus Headache?

Directed by Matthew Byori Mann. With Blaise Nally, Mark Ulrich, Nate Santana, Marilyn Bass. Caught in a war between humans and vampires, Special Officer Michael Phoenix uncovers a conspiracy that forces him to question on which side should he fight.

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Carol Foster, MD Vertigo Treatment For anyone experiencing mild vertigo, I recommend this. My mom tried this after a visit to the doctor didn't really help. She says it works! She was stuck in bed for half the day until we came across this video. After doing the maneuver, she was able to be up and about.

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Migraines don’t have to be a mystery. If you know the cause, then you can prevent them. Find out how to put the pieces of the puzzle together to conquer your migraines for good.

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The Top 4 Essential Oils for Headaches

The most common headache treatment is a painkiller, but these pills come with a host of ugly side effects, like kidney and liver damage; plus they don’t deal with the root of the problem. The Top 4 Essential Oils for Headaches - Dr. Axe

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