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Treacherous Meaning

mundane (adjective): Lacking interest or excitement; dull. Word of the Day for 21 June 2015. #WOTD #WordoftheDay #mundane

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31 Movies That Will Remind You What It Truly Means To Be Cold

Eight Below Where: Antarctica Brief Summary: A guide embarks on a treacherous trek to find a meteorite with the help of sled dogs.

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1. State of Grace/ Holy Ground 2. Stay Stay Stay/ Mean/ Ho Hey 3. 22/ Everything Has changed/ Sparks Fly/ acoustic song 4. You Belong With Me 5. Treacherous 6.Lucky One/ All Too Well 7. IKYWT 8. IKYWT 9. Love Story 10. WANEGBT

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L<<How does that chair not collapse? I mean, they're tippy, treacherous, horrible things to sit on when you sit normally, so what kind of superpower is L using to keep it from folding up or tipping over?!?!

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.... This is amazing. It shows so much emotion through the colours and makes you se a side of azula u never saw before.

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Photo (The Yellow Door Paperie)

We all need to educate ourself. Having a degree doesn't mean you are smart, but constantly learning and knowing more than you were taught, means you are.

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"Whenever I hear the words "Conspiracy Theory" it usually means someone is getting too CLOSE to the TRUTH."--- former CIA employee, Michael Hasty:----Ref .. The NWO COMMUNIST CONSPIRATORS have become very good at DISCREDITING those who EXPOSE their machinations as Frauds, Cranks, Morons, and Treacherous Spies.

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