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Travel to Jordan – Amateur Traveler Episode 423 Hear about travel to Jordan as the Amateur Traveler himself, Chris Christensen, relates stories about his recent visit to the country. #travel #podcast #jordan

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5 reasons to travel to Jordan. You'll be surprised at some of to find out what they are.


Is Petra on your bucket list? Wondering if Petra is an expensive place to travel to? Here's our list of tips on how to travel to Petra!


Is a trip to Petra on your bucket list? Ever wonder whether it is expensive to travel to Jordan? Here are our tips and our advice on how to travel to Petra, and how expensive Jordan is for tourists. #Jordan #Petra #JordanTravelTips #PetraTravelTips #IsJordanExpensive

Is it safe? This was the first thought as I was invited to go on trip to the Middle East. From travel expert Rachelle Lucas of ~

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My latest post for Travel Mamas highlights 6 Reasons why you should plan a trip and travel to Jordan.

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What Is It Like to Travel to Jordan? - Inside the Travel Lab

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Why should you travel to Jordan? The reasons are too many to list! In fact…


6 Reasons Why You should Travel to Jordan. The natural wonders of Petra and the Dead Sea are top of the list, but there's so much more to this friendly Middle Eastern country than those destinations. Number four may surprise you! | Jordan Travel