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Self-driven automobiles by Toyota by 2020:- In an effort to counter the token of Google’s aggressive openings in the autonomous transportation sector, Toyota on Tuesday has announced that it has planned to produce fully capable self-driving automobiles by 2020.

Robotics is by its essence a multi-disciplinary science. Research into autonomous navigation gathers knowledge from physics, electronics, mechanics and computer science. In transportation sector, the motivation for developing autonomous vehicles is driven by safer roads, better traffic-management systems and energy efficiency. However, as technology evolves, there are other types of opportunities arising in the future. …

Share of Energy Consumed by Major Sectors of the Economy, 2014 pie graphic. Image of the four major energy use sectors: Industrial sector with 32%, Transportation sector with 28%, Residential sector with 22%, and Commercial sector with 19%

Sector 9 Snapper Complete Skateboard,


Eu Competition Law and Regulation in the Transport Sector (Hardcover)

Booming Transport Sector Means More Middle-Class Jobs – Next City

Sector 9 Bamboo Longboard


Consultation Report Front Cover and Other Parts on the Transport Sector of Nottingham City Centre by SimonB

from The Longboard Store

Sector 9 Prebuilt 34" Strand Longboard Complete

Sector 9 Prebuilt 34" Strand Longboard

from The Longboard Store

Sector 9 Prebuilt 40" Meridian Blue Drop Through Longboard Complete

The Sector 9 40" Meridian Blue is designed for carving and cruising.