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Transportation inventors

The History Of Transportation [INFOGRAPHIC]


Last time we covered the brilliant cartoonist/inventor Steven M. Johnson, he'd just released a book of his transportation designs. Now he's got a new book out and it spans every design field under the sun. Johnson has graciously allowed us to show you some of the images from "Patent

Hoverboards make comeback at Vegas electronics show. Inventor and CEO of Hoverboard Technologies, Robert Bigler unveils his GeoBlade transporter at the Consumer Electronics Show on

Transportation theme unit. For Writer's workshop; Teacher & Ss can brainstorm and generate a list of all of the items that the boy put on or in his car. Then let the Ss creativity happen – the students get to dream up their own car and write about it!!!


Inventors Scavenger Hunt from Devoted to Vocabulary Dev on (8 pages)

Inventor hopes people will escape gridlock with a new flying car - The Globe and Mail

Inventor Elon Musk Can't Get Enough Of Overwatch, Either - News

Mercedes-Benz hopes to notch up the self-driving car experience with their F 015 Luxury in Motion concept car.


Bertha Benz, wife of the inventor Karl Benz. She invested in Benz's business in 1871, enabling him to develop the first patented automobile, and in 1888 she was the first person to drive an automobile over a long distance.


Transportation theme unit. Ideas of how the students can start with their writing of "a car of their own design". If I built a car ........


How to Build a Boat: 25 Designs and Experiments for Kids