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Transitional Telescopes

Timeless Brass Wood Telescope

Stepping into the large industrial warehouse, stand in awe of the gargantuan metal stills lined up in front of you. Their shapes are alien with round bodies and curving tubes, shiny against cement and brick walls, but inside they’re filled

Dot & Bo Galileo Decorative Telescope ($235) ❤ liked on Polyvore featuring home, home decor and transitional home decor


A full-sky survey by Nasa's wide-field Wise telescope turned up about 1,000 hot, dust-obscured galaxies, each of which emit as much light as 100 trillion sun-like stars. The objects are rare, accounting for about one in 100,000 light sources, and difficult to find since most of their energy is masked by dust. Astronomers believe the objects, which are twice as warm as similar galaxies, may be a transitional state.


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PSR J1023+0038 : Transitional Millisecond Pulsar - This neutron star, discovered by ASTRON astronomer Anne Archibald in 2009, when first observed, displayed only a feeble jet, but when observed in 2013 and 2014, it had a jet nearly as strong as would be expected from a black hole. Two other systems with powerful jets are now known


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3/25/15: Today’s Lucky Break with Slow Factory is out of this world—literally. Designer Céline Semaan Vernon’s silk and modal scarfs feature insanely striking digital prints from NASA images. Just in time for layer-friendly transitional weather, we’ve selected 14 styles adorned with stunning images of eerily beautiful Mars terrain, colorful cosmos seen from the Hubble Space Telescope, and city lights (of Paris, London, NYC) taken by crew members from the International Space Station.