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I like this poem because it shows the idea of using different mediums to teach content. It reminds me on the current even raps that we listened to in class. Because of the rhyme scheme, and the fun nature of this tool, that content that the poem demonstrates is likely to be internalized by the students. It can also be added to my repertoire of transitional songs that create learning opportunities even in the down time.


If you're like me, you want an activity that's fun, appealing, non-threatening and welcoming for students to do on the first day of school...especially the first minutes and hour of the day when it can crazy with loads of school supplies flooding your room, etc.

from Lights Online Blog

20 Mudroom Lighting Ideas

20 Mudroom Lighting Ideas at Lights Online Blog: Though the roof of this mudroom allows for lots of light to come in, what if there isn't any? No problem...the wall sconces will help!

from Teachers Pay Teachers

Transitional Techniques

This is a superb resource for students' writing classes. The sheet lists with numerous examples varies types of different transitional techniques that can be used for both fiction and nonfiction writing. These techniques go beyond the obvious normally taught to young writers and provide strong mentor samples for students to imitate. The resource would be a perfect addition to the writer's notebook. Perfect from 5th-8th grade.


Help build a class of bucket fillers! It does take a village to raise a child! So let's build a village of nice, kind, and considerate children! Head over to the Chalkboard for ideas on how to incorporate this and a freebie!