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What Is the Trait Theory of Personality

Trait theory suggests that personality is made up of a number of broad traits. Learn more about this theory and some of the key traits.

The Theory of Elements dates back to ancient times. Since then the concept was embraced and adapted by many cultural circles and different philosophical doctrines. In paganism they are connected to attributes and character traits. Elements often play a prominent role in rituals, meditations and recipies or are used as affirming symbols. This tutorial is part of a larger series. If you want to know how to make a basic goddess pendant without a mold, check out this tutorial. And here is the…


Trait Theory• The Psychological Trait View – The Psychodynamic Perspective • Id • Ego • Superego – Attachmen...

Trait Theory• Personality and Crime – Hans Eysenck • Psychoticism, Extraversion, Neuroticism • Extreme extroverts...

College Admissions Timeline

It's never too early to start planning for college. Learn goals for all of high school, and a month-by-month timeline for senior year. Make sure you know important deadlines for SATs, ACTs, and college applications. It's also important to know the significance of early decision, rolling admissions and waitlists.


Do Great Leaders Share Certain Traits?

What traits do effective leaders have? Will having these traits help you become a better leader? Learn more about the trait theory of leadership.


The 12 Common Archetypes #wrtr2wrtr #amwriting

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Design a Personality: Building Rock-Solid Character Traits

Creating a character? Get out your writer's toolbox because it's time to build the basis of a personality. What with? Trait theory.