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Traditional Women's Style

What Was Your Past Life's Fashion Style?

Costume reconstruction of a 12-14th century Russian headdress, with kolty. Real pearls and gemstones, oh my!

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This is a fabulous guide to the traditional clothing of South East Asian women. There are some really cool exotic looks going on here.

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Maybe not pink, probably blue or something / Kimono and yukata are considered as Japanese traditional clothes! And they are weared in the special festival all a year!

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Traditional clothing special style, beautiful girl and model, include china, korea, japan tradition style

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These look like Chinese historical hairstyles, but I could be wrong.

Nomadic Kirghiz woman in traditional dress, Kirghistan, Central Asia. Uzbek suzani textiles (central asian ethnic textile collector)

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tibet...look at the high-karat gold ornate accoutrements, ivory bangles, carnellion/amber pendant necklace, silk embroidered robe, a hidden cat, how stunning!!!!

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