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Traditional Wine Cellar Products

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Combined Custom and Prefabricated Cellar This is a classic wine cellar that uses prefabricated and custom components. Once again, the system used here is scalable, and probably what you're most used to seeing in a traditional wine cellar. The storage system is made of ready-to-order components that come in pine, cherry, redwood and mahogany.

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Creating a wine bar when you don't have the space: Stylize a blank wall. This extra wall was wallpapered with burlap with hung with repeating store-bought wine racks. A walnut ledge offers a place for glasses during tastings. Lighting above illuminates the labels.

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5 inspiring wine storage solutions for all spaces

wine storage solutions for all spaces has many doors to suit any décor idea

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Small Decorative Cellar Arch - traditional - wine racks - salt lake city - Wine Racks America

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The cultural landscape of Tokaj graphically demonstrates the long tradition of wine production in this region of low hills and river valleys. The intricate pattern of vineyards, farms, villages and small towns, with their historic networks of deep wine cellars, illustrates every facet of the production of the famous Tokaj wines, the quality and management of which have been strictly regulated for nearly three centuries.

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Quaint yet elegant glass encased mini-wine cellar - Buy Wine Crates like these! Visit:

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Kessick Wine Cellars- Freestanding wine storage furniture - traditional - wine racks - charlotte - Kessick Wine Cellars

A Practical Kitchen Design With Period Appeal

Wine storage built in under the counter keeps bottles at the ready (and corks moist) for entertaining. | Photo: John Ellis |

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