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Details about Cast Metal Sundial Bookends with Verdigris Finish on Black Wood Base

Cast Metal Sundial Bookends with Verdigris Finish on Black Wood Base. #BeyBerk #Traditional

The Sundial Coverlet, dated 1797, wide variety printed dress cottons, primarily in palette of pink, brown & blue, prob. bought from manufacturer or vendor for quilt making, very complex paper piecing, lining from many pieces of worn cotton, much darning on back.


LEGO Sundial Science Experiment plus many other fun hands on science activities for learning about the sun and our solar system for preschool, kindergarten, 1st grade, 2nd grade, 3rd grade, 4th grade and more (astronomy, homeschool,)


Meister Sundial Pendant "Europe's leading precision jewellery maker Meister have created an attractive coin sized pendant with a dual purpose. Opening out into a sundial with integral compass this pendant displays time tradition in light and shadow." narrative from website


This instrument is clear evidence of the links between the astrolabe and astrology. On one side is an astrolabe for a single latitude, and on the other an astrological volvelle, used to find the positions of planets and other celestial bodies, especially in relation to the traditional astrological houses.