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Good blood Circulation

Why purchase massage chairs? Massage chairs have the ability to give you the same benefits as that of a traditional massage. Massage chairs can regulate blood pressure; ease pain and soreness; strengthen the immune system; and improve blood circulation. It will give you a better disposition after a long day at work

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My favorite massage chair, the Inada Sogno Dreamwave! A totally different experience than traditional massage chairs. $7999.

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The Comfort 60-425111 is a traditional massage chair that provides a streamlined design. Many users prefer their chairs over other models because they don’t have to go through multiple interfaces to get the device to function. With the push of a button, you can activate any of the chair’s massage settings. Handheld controller, Separate vibrating ottoman, Manual recliner, 9 different vibration modes, 5 intensities

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Maybe a chair or two like this, w/ a small table, could work to the left of the front door, across from the reception desk, if that's how we're arranging it…

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Osaki OS-4000A Massage Chair by Osaki. $2.90. Item Height: 49. Item Length: 50. Item Width: 35. The newly designed and equipped OS-6000 is builton on an S-track rolling technology so that the roller heads can provide a more consistant pressure massage throughout the back. Traditionally massage chairs have been designed with a linear vertical motion, preventing even pressure in the lower and upper back. Designed with a set of S-tracks & 3D technology, it allows the rol...

“While a majority of people are concerned about their health and well-being, many find it difficult to fit ‘me time’ into their hectic schedules,” says Tom Pote, owner of Mobile Massage LLC in New Jersey. "Mobile massage takes the traditional massage to the next level by utilizing portable equipment that brings the luxury of a massage directly to them."

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