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Arrow Tribal Dog Collar - Gold Hardware

Arrow Tribal Dog Collar Gold Hardware by BeautifulMutts on Etsy

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Primitive Dog Toy Box Distressed Black or White...Dog Toys

Primitive Self Feeding Dog Toy Box...Black by BlackSquirrelPrims

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How and Why to Cook Your Dog’s Food

How and why to cook your own dog food. A good solution for dogs with allergies.

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Himalayan dog chew: If you can't stop chewing behavior, channel it. Perfect for hard-core chewers, these natural dog treats are rock-hard and long-lasting. The surprise: they're made of cheese! Based on a traditional people snack from the Himalayan highlands, chews are made using traditional methods and an ancient recipe of boiled yak and cow milk, salt and lime juice. Contains no gluten, chemicals or preservatives and is low fat.

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Personalized Wooden Toy, Wooden Dog Toy, Eco Friendly Pull Toy

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11 Incredible Kids Playhouses Under The Stairs

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Personalized Wooden Toy, Wooden Dog Toy, Eco Friendly Pull Toy

Wooden Toy, wooden Dog, eco-friendly personalized pull toy - legetøj hund lavet i træ med ører og hale af læder - på hjul trækdyr - gravhund

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Inu hariko was placed in noble women's maternity room as guardian for mother and child. Later bamboo basket and "Den den daiko" or drum were added as charm, happiness and children's health.(bamboo basket is for "washing down illness and evilness"."Den den daiko" is for baby-sitting.) Inu hariko is omen for family bond as kanji for bamboo(竹) on the head of kanji for dog(犬) forms a kanji for smile(笑) For me this look like cat.

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