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Fondue - Swiss dish prepared by melting cheese with wine in a chafing dish and using long-handled forks to dip cubes of bread into the cheese mixture


Well Head Stone Planter

Well Head Garden Planter from . A highly decorated cast stone planter that takes the shape of a Corinthian column, the design is inspired by the styles of Greek and Roman classical architecture with the planter is embellished with acanthus leaves and scrolls.


Cocktail Meatballs

According to Southern tradition, the hostess at a ladies' luncheon should serve little meatballs in a chafing dish or on a platter with toothpicks as a satisfying snack for any men in attendance.


Color fondue chafing stand vector sketch placed on cardboard background. French and Swiss cuisine. Traditional dishes series. Great for restaurant, cafe, menu, recipe books, food label design.