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Friendly and ready to assist: on special occasions the staff of B-One wear their traditional Baster costume.

from Foursquare


Baster ladies in their traditional attire they inherited from their Holland traveler forefathers.

from BuzzFeed

17 Thanksgiving Turkey Mistakes Everyone Makes

17 Thanksgiving Turkey Mistakes Everyone Makes - buzzfeed. Maybe not everyone, but lots of good tips here!


Handcrafted Wrought-iron craft, by artists from Baster Region. An beauty with differnece, will match well with any kind of decor, Modern or contemprory or traditional decor... Size : 16"x 16"x 2"


We can't leave our knives in the bank of drawers in our kitchen any longer.  Our little toddler can get anything out of those drawers, safety latch or not!  Nothing like being hit in the head with the end of a turkey baster when you least expect it.  He um...likes to throw things.  Lol. The…