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Bill called this original balm Bear Paw, because he believed that this balm was "powerful enough to smooth even the roughest bear's paw." The day before 10,000 Bear Paw tins were to be printed, one of Bill's friends found a tube of Bear Paw hand lotion. While Bill had already checked the trade mark registry for Bear Paw prior to printing the tins, this product had been around for a bit and thus had common law rights to the name.

Our well trained and vigilant staffs keep constant watch online as well as off line media like search engines, trade directories, News papers, Trade journals, Trademark registry, trade fairs and exhibitions.


Aksharadhool: No ram, islam or indians on the Internet! The Indian government has objected to applications for the allocation of a few gTLDs, like ‘Bible,’ ‘army,’ ‘navy’ and ‘air force.’ Government also does not like two other words, ‘shiksha’ and ‘halal’. Indian Governemnt also does not like the gTLD asked by Indian company Reliance, who had applied for (.indians). It is also showing red signal for words, .ram, .islam because it is contrary to a Section of the Indian Trade Mark Act

Sirene By Vicky Tiel For Women Fragrance notes-orange, geranium, peach, rose, violet, jasmine, jasmine, peony, ylang-ylang, musk, woods and vanilla.