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Why I Stopped Tracking My Fitness

Why I Ditched My Fitbit Want a Sexy Stomach? Get your FREE copy of our 5 Favorite Ab Exercise at . PLUS receive our Top 3 Flat Ab Tips and 6 Best Butt Exercises- Free!

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'Alta' Wireless Fitness Tracker

Fitbit 'Alta' Wireless Fitness Tracker. Purchased one of these today! Excited to track my fitness.


Love "My Fitness Pal" app for tracking my calories and weight loss. I've lost 10 pounds over the summer just tracking on this app!! It's EASY & FUN! #weightloss #fitness #calories

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50 Hilarious Fitbit Memes

How can I track my fitness when my Fitbit won't sync?

I started low-carb dieting in February 2011. Since my start, I have lost a total of 45 lbs since my last weigh-in & have dropped nearly 4 pant sizes.In March 2012, I began my new journey. Rigourous cardio & weight training; 420-500 minutes in the gym each and every week. Now I am eager to track my progress on this journey. I am down another pant size, and would like to lose two more pant sizes, while losing 65 more pounds.I will post a new photos tracking my fitness journey in the coming…


Day 4 Weekly Layout - I'm a daily kinda planner, BUT I do use a weekly that has morphed into documenting my health and fitness routines and activities. The top row is for sleep, vitamins, etc. Along with my stats for when I run. The middle row tracks my fitness class that I take. The bottom row is for logging my food intake. On the far left is note my beginning weight for the week, goals, obstacles and successes. Since I had finals the first three days, you can see that today was the first…


The MAD Challenge. A website which tracks my journey from no fitness to running a mile a day, every day, for at least one month. Hopefully I'll improve my fitness and raise some sponsorship money for Cancer Research UK. #themadchallenge