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All nostalgic retro items are wanted by the-toy-exchange -

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Cassette tape recorder - the machines used to record every '70s mix tape, every home radio show you made with your siblings, and every Top 40 rundown (by placing it in front of the radio).

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[ghost of the doll] This website lets you look at toys from the 80s and 90s. Synapses are firing remembering all of that stuff. My parents bought me a lot of stuff!

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three-gollies... The "Golliwogg" (later "Golliwog", "golly doll") was a character in children's books in the late 19th century and depicted as a type of rag doll. It was reproduced, both by commercial and hobby toy-makers as a children's toy called the "golliwog", and had great popularity in North America, the UK, Europe and Australia, into the 1960s. The doll has been described as "the least known of the major anti-Black caricatures in the US".

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