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Nerf storage. Even though my boys are all grown I still could use this for the arsenal they left behind...

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Spinning Nerf Targets - DIY Cardboard Toy

These targets spin when you hit them - how fun! This is great for removing yourself as your child's Nerf gun target!

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How to Make a Nerf Spinning Target

PEW PEW!!! Hear that? That is the sound of Nerf guns shooting at these spinning targets. They are simple and will bring kids fun for hours. They make a great gift for boys.

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10+ of the BEST Nerf Target Games

10+ of the BEST Nerf Target Games - Exploding stick targets, army guy shooting gallery, Star Wars Nerf games, and more.

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Nerf storage ideas

oh. nerf guns. My son has 400. (slight exaggeration) I don’t know what it is about them…but everyone loves them. ‘Cept me. I find those dang mangy bullets EVERYWHERE. EVERYWHERE. I once had a bullet stuck to a ceiling fixture that I couldn’t reach. and it stayed up there for months. Anyways…. This was in …

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