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Arvind Gupta: Turning trash into toys for learning, TED - 'The best think a child can do with a toy is to break it.' Arvind Gupta is an Indian toy inventor and popularizer of science for kids. Creating simple toys out of trash and everyday goods, he illustrates principles of science and design in a memorably hands-on fashion. He works at the Children's Science Centre in Pune, India. #Arvin_Gupta #Toys #Science #TED

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Inventor's box. Let your kids play and learn about how things are made and how they work and all while having fun! #DIY

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Inspire kids to develop skills in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math with these 16 Toy Making STEM Projects. Kids will love to make, learn and play!

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Arvind Gupta is an Indian toy inventor and teacher. He has devoted many books to the simple art of turning trash into objects/toys that teach and provide wonder for children and adults alike. See his website at www.arvindguptatoys.com

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