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What Caused the Salem Witch Trials?

The Salem witch trials have fascinated historians for centuries, largely because of their bizarre nature and the great uncertainty that surrounds them. One of the most intensely debated topics is the question of why the girls began to accuse seemingly random townspeople of witchcraft. However, there is little evidence to support any theory, and consequently historians are forced to rely heavily on speculation. Many, including author and scientist Linnda Caporael, have found the traditional…


In the final presidential debate of 2016, Donald Trump denies being a "puppet" for Vladimir Putin, and Hillary Clinton tries to discredit WikiLeaks revelatio...

Cover image for The fellowship : the literary lives of the Inklings: J.R.R. Tolkien, C. S. Lewis, Owen Barfield, Charles Williams


Debates in the Classroom - great resource for setting up debates, including links for rules, rubrics, topics, lesson plans, and strategies.

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Engagingly Funny Debate Topics to Share Your Views With Laughter

Think debates must always revolve around the 'serious'? Think again. Try some funny debate topics in your next class and see how much fun ensues.

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The Top Three Sites To Debate Topics With Others

On most popular news and opinion websites, such as the Huffington Post or the Washington Post, articles are typically followed by often vigorous comments i

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25 Things Not To Do With Your Baby

(Not worth the fight) 11 Hot Parenting Topics I Refuse to Debate

The Strategy Two goals separate our plan from all other Article V organizations: 1. We want to call a convention for a particular subject rather than a particular amendment. Calling a convention for a balanced budget amendment (though we are entirely supportive of such an amendment) addresses only one of a number of issues. The Convention of States Application allows for multiple Amendments to be considered for the purpose of limiting the power and jurisdiction of the federal government…

My #1 blog rule has always been only to feature items that I wear, use and love in my own life. Just call me a rule breaker today because I’m posting about something that I don’t wear. One of the most hotly debated topics among GYPO readers has been palazzo pants.  There has been no…Continue Reading >

QallOut is the go-to platform to exchange ideas, debate topics and set the record straight! QallOut consolidates, curates and broadcasts the best debates using state-of-the-art live video, polling and user-friendly comments sections.