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Another headline creator tool. Just put in three nouns, and the Hubspot Blog Topic Generator will spin out some ideas.


Don't Know What to Write About? Get Ideas From the Blog Topic Generator from @HubSpot - helpful for anyone starting a news letter or blog for generic topics - though not so relevant if you are in a specialised industry

randomly generated writing prompts (examples "If I were a superhero, I would be..." or "You are the last surviving member of the human race. What would you do?" or "I found the strangest thing in my pocket...")


Topic: The new generator no effect counter B. EMF part 2 ( Selfrunning ) - Page 3 - Energetic Forum

DRM is Used to Lock in Control and Spy on Users Late last year the U.S. Copyright office launched a series of public consultations to review critical aspects of the DMCA law. This includes a review of the anti-circumvention provisions (section 1201) which prevent the public from tinkering with DRM protected content and devices. A lot has been said on the topic over the past months. Most copyright industry groups are in favor of keeping tight restrictions while digital rights groups argue…

In order to get students thinking about the essence of a topic, ask them to produce a “Breaking News!” screenshot using the ClassTools Breaking News Generator. Students will have to ref…

from Teachers Pay Teachers

Strong Essays: Specific TOOLS for Paragraph Development

Hand-off to your students the secret weapon for generating substantive, interesting, and THOROUGH topic development: enlisting expositional method...