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Toner for orange hair

Wella T10 Toner

Wella T10 Toner Just bleached your hair? Looking a little orange? Tone it! This toner will have your hair looking pale blonde not orange!!! Doesn't come with box! But it's brand new never opened! Urban Outfitters Makeup

Face Mist For Sensitive Skin 1 Chamomile tea bag 3 drops of wild orange essential oil 2 drops of vegetable glycerin water spritz bottle


Using Complements to Create Depth and Control Saturation


DIY Toning Shampoo: How To Fix Brassy Hair

DIY TONING SHAMPOO: HOW TO FIX BRASSY HAIR. I know how it feels to have brassy hair. Because I have dyed it so much in the past, my hair has a tendency to become bright orange. When I went to the salon for a toner, it did look gorgeous again…