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Tone of Voice - role play discuss how just changing our tone can cause different responses. kids ham it up demonstrating same phrase in two tones

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SOCIAL SKILLS ACTIVITIES: Voice Volume/Tone Of Voice {Differentiated For k-5th}


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The “HOW you say it” game

I love fun ways to interact with your children, especially when they provide wonderful teaching moments. This game helps to teach tone of voice and body language as well as how it affects others’ feelings.

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Your attitude combined with the words you utter, results in an action. When you speak about your dreams and goals in life, people do not just listen to the content of your speech but they also focus on the passion and determination with which you utter those words. Your attitude towards your goals and life can be felt in your words and seen in your eyes, which is why communication specialists stress the importance of both verbal and non-verbal communication.

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More Roll-a-Dice Freebies by MsJordanReads!

Roll-an-Emotion Fluency Activity. I like this as an idea for writing and practicing "tone." Obviously, I'd have to come up with some better attitudes, but the idea of rolling the dice is really fun.

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3 fun ways to teach kids how tone of voice impacts meaning

3 fun ways to teach kids how tone of voice impacts meaning

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3 fun ways to teach kids how tone of voice impacts meaning

3 fun ways to teach kids how tone of voice impacts meaning — Encourage Play

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How’s Your Tone of Voice?

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At a Glance: Helping Your Child Notice Voice Pitch and Tone

How to Help Your Child Notice Tone of Voice and Voice Pitch | Social Skills Help - Understood

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4 Types of Social Cues

When someone rolls her eyes, winks when she’s saying something or uses a sarcastic tone of voice, most kids will get the message. But kids who have social skills issues often miss those nonverbal cues.

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Effective communication depends much more on your tone of voice and body language than the words you say. -- Blair Singer

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Nonverbal communication, tone of voice, sarcasm, underlying meaning. Repinned by SOS Inc. Resources

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Social Skills: Tone of Voice, Teaching Materials for Middle & High School

Are you looking for social skills materials on sarcasm, emotional tone and/or ELA materials on teaching formal and informal tone? Are you wanting appropriate materials for middle and high school students? Are you hoping that pictures depicting emotional tone are real photographs?

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Another new 4th grade lesson, another set of challenges and reiterations until I got it just right . Our August B lesson in 4th grade contin...

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FREE! Some children struggle to understand how their voice volume level and tone of voice affects others around them. They may lack the perspective taking skills to understand that their behaviors affect how others feel about them. They may not understand what voice volumes are expected in particular locations or situations, and / or may not be able to adjust quickly and accurately, in our dynamic social world.

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What is Tone of Voice?

This is a great resource for teaching the concept of 'tone of voice' with students. I use it for my students on the autism spectrum as a social skill lesson. It is a fun and interactive lesson where students of all levels can participate. Enjoy!

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Social Scripts: Tone of Voice

“It’s not what you say but how you say it.” When working with children with pragmatic language skills, we spend a lot of time teaching them to say the “right,” things but we can’t forget that we also need to teach them how to say things in the right way.

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This singing tips video gives 5 tips for better vocal TONE - I get a lot of questions about how to make your tone "better" or "clearer" or "more natural," and this video breaks down what exactly that means, and how you can gauge whether your tone is optimal for your natural voice. Hope you like it!!

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A BIG list of descriptors of tone of voice and voice quality, for writers! But don't for get the word said: it intrudes less, and the dialogue can indicate the mood!

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