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♥ Protein balances your blood sugar levels- making you fuller, longer! ♥ MYTH Buster! Protein will not bulk you! It increases your metabolism, making you leaner and healthier! Women need protein. ♥ What about WHEY protein powder?? Whey is a leftover dairy bi-product of milk and cheese production. This explains gas and bloating after consuming whey. It's also accompanied by chemicals and processed 'crap'... read your labels! We created Perfect Fit for you- it only has 5 organic…


Sweet and Spicy Glazed Pork Tenderloin

Your taste buds will be tantilized with each bite of this Sweet and Spicy Glazed Pork Tenderloin. Juicy and flavorful, it’s a little sweet and a little spicy and it’s a breeze to whip up. This pork tenderloin is ready for the table in 30 minutes. Get the full recipe at


#Repost @sheriesloane_yoga with @repostapp Few more days before we start! So excited to be partnering up with my dear friends @aleksic_twins of @arthleticwear and @wavyogawheel for the #ARTOFROLLING #yogawheel challenge from August 2-28! . Do you have a yoga wheel or been wanting to try one and would like to learn the different ways you can use it in your yoga practice and how it can help you? Come and join us in learning exploring and practicing some of the ways you can use the yoga…


Artistic Mosaic Stairs

Inspired by the world-famous staircase in Rio de Janeiro, the 16th Avenue Tiled Steps boast a colorful mosaic that will enliven the area for San Francisco residents and visitors alike. The 163 steps of this outdoor staircase has become a canvas for a stunning nature-inspired scene. Rich in jewel tones, it makes the climb up and down much more whimsical and adventurous.