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Spiced orange cake with Christmas pudding ice cream

Spiced orange cake with plum sauce and Christmas pudding ice cream, Tom Kerridge (Don't need as many oranges as the recipe says. Try 2 next time.)

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Cheat’s Chocolate Tart

Try this Cheat’s Chocolate Tart recipe by Chef Tom Kerridge. This recipe is from the show Tom Kerridge's Best Ever Dishes.

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Tom Kerridge makes a tasty stuffing mix cooked in bacon for a turkey Christmas dinner on Tom Kerridge Cooks Christmas. For the stuffing mix: 800g sausage meat, 400g onion, finely chopped and fried until translucent, cooled, 100g cooked and peeled chestnuts, finely chopped, 160g fresh breadcrumbs, 1 bunch fresh sage, chopped, 2 tsp salt, 3 tsp cracked black pepper, 100g/3½oz dried cranberries, 1 tbsp juniper berries, crushed and 20 rashers smoked streaky bacon. Related Posts

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Tom Kerridge’s Star Anise Carrots… The Recipe!!

All i can say is W.O.W. !!!!! I saw Tom Kerridge making star anise carrots recipe on TV last week and just had to try it for Christmas Day. I wasn't sure whether to take the risk but oh boy was it ...

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Tom Kerridge’s flourless chocolate cake

Taste of London Christmas 2015 Recipes | Tom Kerridge’s flourless chocolate cake | Harper's Bazaar

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A new recipe/tip "Pork Scratchings a la Tom Kerridge" has been posted on our website. Visit our website for more recipes and useful cooking ideas :)

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Tom Kerridge date and toffee pudding recipe with rum and treacle toffee sauce on Tom Kerridge’s Proper Pub Food

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Tom Kerridge lasagne recipe on Tom Kerridge’s Best Ever Dishes (just use less sugar!)

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Tom's all-time favourites: Toad in the hole

The day before you are planning to make your Toad In The Hole make your Yorkshire batter in advance, so it has a chance to rest. In a bowl whisk the eggs and milk together, then whisk this into the flour. If you have a few lumps, that's OK as they will break down overnight. Place in the fridge.

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