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Which English Actor Would You Date?

Which English Actor Would You Date? Benedict Cumberbatch. You're unique and you need someone who speaks your language. Quirky Ben would totally fit the bill. Such a carefree personality and goofy manner will definitely take the pressure off of the fact you're dating Sherlock Holmes

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Hiddlesbatch on a date in London. I will never understand how the place didn't implode bc of the gentlemanly amazing ness inside

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Ok, three things caught up my attention from his waist down and one of them is not like the others hahaha physically impossible not to be a pervert when I see him wearing a suit.

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Emma Watson & Tom Hiddleston at the Pre-BAFTAs Party in London, England (February 2012)

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Sebastian Stan (Bucky) Tom Hiddleston (Loki) There are no words to describe how true this is for me right now

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Like finding a good man isn't hard enough already.....along comes Tom Hiddleston raising my standards even higher!

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