Tom Hardy has risen to Hollywood fame with his incredible acting skills and powerful on camera presence. Since he starred in the movie Inception in 2010 and rose to A list status, Tom Hardy has put on 40 lbs. of rock solid lean muscle mass and became an A List Movie star. It’s no secret that Tom Hardy’s impressive physique has helped him land some super alpha male roles such as Bane in the “The Dark Knight Rises” and recently the coveted role of Max in the movie “Mad Max: Fury Road.” In his…

The Tom Hardy Workout Routine For The Movie Warrior

Tom Hardy ...i will marry this man in a heart beat!!!!!!

Http//swtorsecretscom/ecmaff/tom Hardy Warrior Tattoo

Warrior ~ This part almost made me cry!! This and the part where he's holding his pop. They ---> are such good actors!!

Warrior - Brothers Tommy Riordan and Brendan Conlon

les acteurs muscles du cinema americain  Tom Hardy dans Warrior 19

Salut les musclés !

This movie makes me cry every time, in the middle and at the end.....FOTC, no idea what this movie is but it had me at Hardy, and tear jerker

tom hardy One of my all time favorite movies of all time: Warrior.

What a Warrior!!!    Google Image Result for

Tom Hardy Joins the cast of 'Peaky Blinders' for Series 2

Tom Hardy | Warrior Movie

tom in 'Warrior' - “I’m never lost in a character, ever. Everything is absolutely articulated and worked out and there’s no room for error. The only thing there is room for is inspiration in the moment because you’ve done your homework up to that point.

Warrior | Tom Hardy and Joel Edgerton | 2011

warrior, Tom Hardy as Tommy

After seeing him in Lawless and The Dark Knight Rises, I now officially have a hardcore crush on Tom Hardy. Rawr.

Afternoon eye candy: Tom Hardy (34 photos)

I know exactly which character I would want to bang... The tortured and cold Tom Hardy in Warrior.  *le sigh

I know exactly which character I would want to bang. The tortured and cold Tom Hardy in Warrior.


Here Are 150 Photos Of Tom Hardy Because Why Not

The moment I fell in love!

Tom hardy in the movie Warrior.

Tommy as Tommy Conlon - Warrior (2011) / TH0079

Tommy as Tommy Conlon - Warrior /

Tom Hardy (:

Tom Hardy as Tommy Riordan in Warrior. One of my favorite movies Good lord almighty sweet baby

Tom Hardy ❤️funny❤️natural ❤️sexy ❤️ a perfect man ❤️

Tom Hardy = sexy as fuck!

Do you see those lips?! Look at them! My imagination runs wild...

I love ya face