Tom hardy bisexual

In 2008, Tom Hardy said that he had sexually experimented with dudes. In 2015 he said his sexuality was nobody's business. Whatever. He still has a nice butt.

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From an article about a book about metrosexuality. The author claims Tom Hardy as the ultimate symbol of the ‘orientation’: In the metrosexual noughties, some male stars have ‘come out’ as bisexual, or at least not necessarily only heterosexual. James Franco, Duncan James from the UK boyband Blue, and Tom Hardy for example. Forced to make a choice, who would he pick as a metrosexual icon? Simpson did not hesitate, and chose Hardy.

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tom hardy variations — “I have never made any secret that I am bisexual....

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Tom Hardy is a man for all seasons. He’s beefy!He’s skinny!He’s a romantic lead!He’s a bruiser!He’s arty! He’s the guy that kicked the stuffing out of Batman whilst talking like Sean Connery high as a kite on helium! And he is just damn likable.He makes no secret of the fact that he’s bisexual, he’s recovered from drug addiction, and if a reporter asks him a stupid question, he’ll come out and say that it was a stupid question.He’ll also hilariously call it ‘pants’, because hey, he’s Tom…

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I'm ready to make a deal w/ the devil.... for one hot, passionate, night w/ Tom

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New Demi Lovato Teases Her Bisexuality During Interview On The Chatty Man Show -

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