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Toilets For The Elderly

Toilet safety rail takes the worry out of sitting and rising for the elderly. Enhances independence and privacy.

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Solar composting toilet:+) the best of both worlds. So many smart people in this world to set us up for success so we can assist our elders at their best!

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American Standard One Piece Siphonic Toilet For The Elderly

Good idea for the handicapped/elderly.

Super Long Toilet Tub Transfer Bench. Pinned by Treatment plans and patient handouts for the OT working with physical disabilities and geriatrics.

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true-that's why we see babies in dumpsters, parents aborting children for cleft lip or Down's syndrome or wrong the sex, babies left in toilets in France and China, a baby hurled out a window in China, abused babies, elderly "put down" like a sick animal, bombings, mass shootings, etc, etc

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