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Make a batch of this easy vegan marinated tofu to have on sandwiches, salads, or served with rice or quinoa.

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Chipotle Baked Tofu Sandwiches with Pineapple Guacamole

Smoky chipotle slathered tofu slices are baked up and piled onto crusty rolls with creamy pineapple guacamole to make these spicy vegan sandwiches.

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Sesame Brussel Sprouts, Mushrooms & Tofu

Detoxing Sesame Brussel Sprouts and Tofu Bowl- with mushrooms, scallions and toasted sesame seeds. Vegan and Gluten-free. |

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Vegan Tofu Ricotta Lasagna

The BEST 'Vegan Tofu Ricotta Lasagna' so healthy, yet tastes like the real deal. Hearty, easy to make, packed with veggies + an unbelievable "tofu ricotta" filling. Plant based comfort food! #vegan #lasagna #zucchini #tofu

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How to Prep Tofu Properly: A Beginner's Guide for Tofu Haters

When you know how to cook it, tofu is a delicious dish in and of itself—truly. Too many people have been subjected to poor quality or badly cooked tofu and told to eat it because it's a "healthy alternative" to meat. Usually what they bite into is a bland, rubbery mess coated with a random array of flavors. Tofu can really show up a cook's strengths and weakness.. The beauty of tofu is its subtlety. It doesn't come at you with an aggressive array of tastes. Instead, tofu is a canvas that…

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Cilantro Tofu Soup

Cilantro Tofu Soup - vegan and gluten free stew with Asian flavors is my ultimate comfort food for the winters |

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House Foods Honey Sriracha Tofu

HOUSE FOODS HONEY SRIRACHA TOFU ● 1 tsp olive oil ● 1 garlic clove, finely chopped ● 1 block -14oz (396g) medium firm tofu ● 2 tbsp Sriracha sauce ● 1 tbsp soy sauce ● 1½ tbsp honey ● 1 tbsp rice vinegar ● cornstarch for dusting (about 2 tbsp) ● 1 tbsp sesame seeds ● 1 scallion, finely chopped (optional)

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Crispy Buffalo Tofu Bites With Garlicky Yogurt + Feta Dip | Killing Thyme

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Crispy Orange Tofu

Enjoy this easy and delicious Crispy Orange Tofu with Sticky Orange Sauce rather than calling out for takeout. You'll enjoy the food and how you feel too!

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