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Cracks at the corners of your mouth - Iron, Zinc, B Vitamins (Niacin, Riboflavin, B12) Red, scaly rash on your face (body) and hair loss - Biotin (B7) Red or white acne-like bumps on cheeks, arms, and thighs - EFAs, Vit. A & Vit. D Tingling, prickling, and numbness in hands, feet, or elsewhere B Vitamins (Folate, B6, B12) Muscle cramps / stabbing pains in toes, calves, feet & back of legs - Magnesium, Calcium, Potassium


From the desk of contributor Dr. Randall C. Labrum, Neuropathy Expert and Former Neuropathy Sufferer: Numbness. Prickling. Tingling. Burning. Debilitating pain in the feet, toes, and lower legs. Or in the hands, fingers and lower arms. Perhaps even in both locations. These are the most common symptoms of Peripheral Neuropathy, a vexing disorder brought on by damage to the peripheral nervous system which today affects tens of millions of Americans, and many more millions of people around the…


Fibromyalgia ~ it’s actually Pituitary damage!

Case study – 28 yo mother of 2... * Hot flashes/night sweats * Hurt all over – joints are killing her especially hips * Numbness & tingling in toes, feet & fingers * Muscles hurt especially...


"I tip toe through delicate conversations, each step deliberate, each whispered word a means to an end. I do not mean to hurt you, I've just been hurting for a little too long now myself that I think I've become accustomed to it. I'm numb, but only when I remember I can't feel my hands anymore. I forget it's there, a constant yet forgotten reminder of delicate conversations long since past. I only wish to warm myself tonight. I promise not to make a home in your heart, no matter how much…


Lacing Tips

Lacing Guide: Be mindful of the precise criss-cross attern you use. Turns out, a little tweaking just might solve your particular "grrr" style problem.


Toe Numbness Herbal Remedies -