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from the Guardian

Hair apparent: Clint Eastwood denies being Stan Laurel's son

At last, it's official: Clint Eastwood is not Stan Laurel's son. Well, at least, he says he isn't. Perhaps one of the more unlikely urban myths (but Google the protagonists' names and you'll see how widespread it is), the Dirty Harry star has long had his parentage disputed by people who saw two film stars with tufty hair and came to the inevitable conclusion. In an interview reprinted in today's Sun newspaper, however, Eastwood has taken the opportunity to set the record straight…


WHAT IN THE NAME OF MERMAIDS IN A MANHOLE HOLE IS THIS FROM KIM KARDASHIAN: Just when you were thinking that today can’t get any Monday-ier, oh dear it just did. Today’s Monday just got one hundred percent worse thanks to these pictures of Kim Kardashian and Kayne West showing up in today’s Sun newspaper.


LeoVegas becomes first operator to go live with Nektan content - - #BLU, #NKT

Native Sun News Today is not a legal newspaper for any city, state, tribe or county government, nor does it want to be.

from The Sun

Four blasts rock Euro 2012 hosts

Article from the sun newspaper today


Bush's recklessness, Obama's fecklessness leave U.S. looking weak as Iraq crumbles [Commentary]

My article in today's Baltimore Sun newspaper about the current crisis in Iraq. "Bush's recklessness, Obama's fecklessness leave U.S. looking weak as Iraq crumbles"

Dress depicting planes flying into Twin Towers horrifies British shoppers

1917 Portuguese newspaper documenting the miracle of the sun at Fatima


I'm on the cover and page 3 of the Toronto Sun newspaper today about our @CannabisCulture franchise cannabis shop opening at 801 Queen Street West in Toronto. My message is very clear in this article. Legalization means fair equal access to cannabis for all Canadians healthy or sick. We refuse to discriminate or force people to be sick before being given the right to access cannabis. Legalization means recreational or social use is allowed for all adults - and they will need to be able to…

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