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Furniture Anchor Option, Products, and Statistics

It is SO IMPORTANT to anchor your furniture and TVs to the wall for safety. Click here for details and options! {Sawdust and Embryos}

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OMG! I always say I need to do this! WHY in the WORLD would home builders not have figured this out by now?????? dryer vent box - allows you to push your dryer against the wall instead of leaving room for hose. Add this to the list for our future house!

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How to attach DIY headboard to frame - I knew there was a way instead of bolting to the wall like a lot of DIYs suggest! Um, no.

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Iris Bloom Bonnet Balls to the Walls Knits, A collection of free one- and two- skein knitting patterns

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25 Folding Furniture Designs for Saving Space

This a drop table. A small part of it is affixed to the wall and could serve as a space to place your things in. Then it could be propped up by a support underneath that will hold it up and become a table. It also comes with a socket underneath for your charging or your light.

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