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Tulsi Plant (Holy Basil) Found to Remove Fluoride from Water & Support Pineal Gland Health Read more:

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Don't Let Mold and Mildew Ruin Your Leather Shoes and Clothes

Mildew can cause permanent damage to leather clothes and shoes. Learn how to remove mold and mildew safely and effectively from leather.


Instructions on how to make a salt jar for purification, protection, and blessing and to remove negativity, bad luck, and harm. Blessing and protection.

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How To Use White Vinegar To Remove Pesticides From Your Fruits And Vegetables

How To Use White Vinegar To Remove Pesticides From Your Fruits And Vegetables - Daily Health Post

List of Bottled Water WITHOUT Fluoride and How to REMOVE Fluoride From Water


7 Ways to Remove Monsanto From Your Life #nogmo #gmo - Natural Living Mamma (Part of eating clean, link to non-GMO heirloom seeds inside article)


How to Remove Negative (Foreign) Energy

Learn how to remove harmful negative & foreign energy from your aura

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How to Remove a Shrub or Bush From Your Yard

It's not as hard as you think to remove a shrub or bush from your yard.

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How to Remove the Smell from Running Clothes

Technical fabrics are great for running because they wick away your sweat but, unfortunately, bacteria gets trapped in the fibers and can be hard to get out. Here are a couple of tricks that will remove the smell.

Raising meat birds is one more step toward self-sufficiency as we work to remove battery-raised animals from our menu. Here are tips from folks all across the country who have butchered their own chickens. Take them to heart to make this farm task as easy as possible. 3m