Don't pose your client so they look like they are about to pee their pants

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Solution to getting cat pee out of carpet and fabrics while also getting rid of the scent from the cat so they're less likely to pee there again

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"Indie fashion. AKA the best fashion" More like 90's fashion, but I still dig.. i love how these shorts are not riding up her butt

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Those of you who aren't currently potty training a child might not look upon this list with the same glee as the parents of a three-year-old boy who refuses to pee anywhere except in his diaper or off the back deck. Um, not that I've been there... but if I HAD, I sure would have appreciated a little help to make the whole potty training process a little easier and more fun. Luckily for those of you still in that era, there are now loads of apps ...

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That moment when you have to pee and then after you pee you still have to pee, but you can't pee because you just peed.

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For some parents, potty training proves to be one of the toughest battles of child rearing. And if you managed to convince your child to pee on the potty with any sort of consistency, you may find it troubling when your child won't poop on the potty. Even worse, your child starts resisting

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Camping Beauty Products // It acts as a sort of makeshift funnel, so you can pee standing up and don't have to worry about accidentally squatting in some poison ivy. Yikes. ;)

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