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Ritter Steel Viking Chieftain Sword - My Wedding/Family Sword gifted to me by my wife on our wedding day...a great sword!


Joanna "Zizi" Lambrino, 1st wife of King Carol II of Romania, with their son, Mircea. Lambrino was forced to leave Romania after the birth of her son and the 2 settled in Paris. During his reign Carol II recognized Mircea as a prince several times. He was also recognized as a Prince of Hohenzollern by the Princely House of Hohenzollern-Sigmaringen, the House to which the Romanian Royal Family belonged.


I Stopped Saying "I'm Sorry" To My Wife, And You Should Too

Sloppy word choice is annoying with a friend. But it can be poisonous in marriage. More opportunities to interact creates more opportunities for conflict.

This ancient Egyptian statue dates to the 5th dynasty and depicts Sekhemka who was a scribe and court official, with his wife Sitmerit. Northampton Museum sold the Sekhemka statue for £15.76 m at an auction on 10 July 2014 to an anonymous buyer.


Damnit, I don't want to break the couples up in Rune Factory 2! Sorry Barrett, I'm stealing Dorothy. Poor Yue, always being the fallback wife.